If you’ve been in the industry a while, there’s no doubt you’ve heard the term Small Group PT (SGPT) or Semi-Private PT.

If you’re already delivering this service, you already know how powerful it is.

For the uninitiated, SGPT delivers a session of up to six people (usually) who all do their own personalised programme and your job as the trainer is to supervise all six people.

There are 4 main benefits;

  1. It’s more affordable for the client
  2. There is a bigger market of potential clients (because of the affordability)
  3. You deliver 6x the results in the same 60 minute session
  4. Your per hour income goes through the roof

More Affordable For The Client

The price you charge for SGPT is less than you charge for one to one PT, however, a lot of trainers make the mistake of charging a price closer to a class membership than a PT package.

This is the wrong approach and a VERY costly mistake (we’ll go through the numbers shortly).

One of the biggest barriers you come across when talking to prospective PT clients is price, usually in the form of number of sessions. They can afford to do one session per week with you but they’d rather do three, if it wasn’t for the tripled price.

SGPT solves that problem for the client.

At Primal, on SGPT, everyone has access to 3 sessions per week. For a one to one PT client, three sessions per week costs a minimum of £680 per month. 3 sessions per week on SGPT costs a maximum of £180 per month.

For the average person, sharing their session with, at most, five other people is a no brainer when they save 70% on the price for the same service.

More Potential Clients

If Ferrari cut the price of their cars by 70% you can bet your house that you’d see a Ferrari on every street within 12 months.

This is just simple maths, there are fewer people able to pay £300k for a car than there are people able to pay £90k. However, there are exactly the same amount of people wanting to buy the car regardless of the price but the £300k price tag makes it impossible for them.

A cheaper price for the same product or service enables those ‘wanting’ people to become ‘able’ people.

That’s exactly what offering an SGPT service does. It creates more people ‘able’ to pay you money for a service they previously could not afford.

The difference with your SGPT service is you make more money where Ferrari would lose money.

Better Results

Groups are wonderful things. They connect like minded people who would never normally meet and, especially in a gym environment, they provide support, accountability and a sense of camaraderie.

Pushing each other to finish the last set of chin ups, suggesting a tasty meal or an easy snack and genuinely caring for each other are some of the awesome side effects of simply training people in a group that add to the overall results of everyone in the group.

Plus, if you’re training 6 people in the same period of time you would usually train 1, you’re having 6 times the impact and getting 6 times the results you normally would.

You Make More Money

As a PT, whenever you’re asked how much you charge, or even how much you earn, the answer most often given is a per hour rate. It usually ranges from £40-£80/hour.

The usual way to earn more money as a trainer is to fill your day with single clients paying £40/hour. The problem with this is it costs you a lot in time. If you work five days a week and we assume you pay £15/session to cover rent, uniform and all your other expenses (which is a conservative amount), it means you’re actually taking home £25/hour and you still have to pay tax on that.

At a £25/hour rate, you have to do 4 sessions a day to earn £2k/month and 10 sessions a day to earn £5k. On top of all that you have to write programmes, assess clients, deal with the admin and the finance and all the other fun stuff.

With SGPT, your hourly rate goes up dramatically. Having 6 people on a £180/month SGPT contract more than doubles your hourly rate to £90/hour. Your session cost stays the same at £15 so you take home £75/hour before tax.

At this rate, you have to do 1.3 sessions a day to earn £2k/month and 3.3 sessions a day to earn £5k/month. Yes, there’s also programme writing, assessing, admin and finance to do but with only a maximum of 2 or 4 sessions on any given day, this is a very reasonable work load for a very reasonable monthly income.

SGPT is a no-brainer.

Everyone’s A Winner!

With SGPT, literally everyone gets a better deal.

  • Clients get more and pay less
  • People who can’t afford to be your one to one client, get to train with you three times a week.
  • You make more money per hour
  • You work less time and help more people

An often overlooked benefit is your sources of income. If you have six SGPT clients paying you £180/month (£1,080 total) you could have a dreadful month and lose two of them as clients, but you’d still be making £720/month for those 12 sessions.

Compare that with one PT client who pays £680/month for the same 12 sessions, if they leave, that number goes to £0/month.

Your monthly income is not only much higher with SGPT, it’s also much more secure.

If you’re not already delivering some form of SGPT, you should start. In part 2 of this blog series, we’ll show you the logistics and the finer details of how to deliver SGPT in your business.