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Common Class Delivery Traps...

    If you’ve been delivering classes for a while, you’ve probably fallen in to one of these traps…

  • You use the same or very similar class templates over and over again
  • Your classes aren’t goal-oriented
  • You use the same exercises over and over again
  • You use the same warm up regardless of the class you’re delivering
  • You’re bored of delivering the same classes over and over again
  • It’s easily done. You find a winning formula and you stick to it.

    Unfortunately winning formulas eventually stop winning. Boredom sets in for you and the people in your class. When there’s nothing new and there’s no stated goal for the class, there’s one less reason for people to attend.

“Don’t you just shout at people for 45 minutes?”

    From the outside, classes look easy to deliver. Turn up, shout and encourage people for 45 minutes, go home.

    If you’re taking classes already, you know that's not true.

    When planning your class, you need to be wary of so many different things… how many people will be attending? How much space do I have? What equipment do I have access to? How many of each piece of equipment do I have? What’s the level of each person attending? What do I want to achieve during the class? Can I pair people up and have them use one piece of equipment to save space? Will that affect the outcome of the class? Should it be for reps or for time? What timings should I use? What reps should I use?

    On top of the logistics, you’ve got to coach the correct technique for every single exercise. You’ve got to communicate what not to do and you’ve got to make sure the correct form is being used at ALL times for ALL exercises.

    While all this is going on, you’ve got to keep everyone safe. Just like your one to one PT clients, priority number one is do not injure your clients.

    In a class environment, that becomes a LOT harder to do. It’s like going from babysitting one child, to babysitting ten or twenty. The stakes are higher but the outcome stays the same… no injuries.

    Finally, you have to be the entertainer. You have to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves whilst working hard.

    So bearing ALL that in mind… delivering classes is all but easy.


Whether You're A Class Veteran Or Virgin

    Coaching Classes is here to help make this whole process simpler, safer and more enjoyable for those attending your class (and for you).

    Inside, you get the tips and tricks to make your classes manageable and safe, regardless of numbers.

    You get new ideas to spice up your current class delivery.

    You get the principles behind rarely-used class goals.

    Whether you’re a veteran of teaching classes or you’re just about to take your first class, everything you need to deliver the best class you can is inside this course.

    Whether that’s new template ideas for a veteran or the fundamentals of session planning for a class virgin.

    This isn’t how to run a class where everyone’s dancing or sat on bikes whooping and screaming.

    This is results based, this is practical and this is for trainers who want to progress.

What Do I Get?

    Inside Coaching Classes, you’ll get:

  • How to plan your classes logistically
  • The most effective demonstrating technique
  • How to bring out your personality to make your classes more enjoyable
  • Nine different styles of warm ups - mobilising routines, fun games etc.
  • Four types of classes based on clear, defined goals
  • Four different templates you can use for each of those class types (16 templates total)
  • Twenty example classes you can use in your own classes straight away

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