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"I've done several courses with Primal Academy and they are always well delivered, with interesting content that's easily applied to my PT role. Really helped me to give a more full and developed offering to my clients."

- Jenny Cantrell

"These guys are amazing - some of the best and most intelligent fitness professionals around. I've learnt so much from them and constantly refer back to the information."

- Matt Donnelly

"This course was a wake up call to be a better PT! A great start for anyone wanting to coach nutrition or just needing a bit of inspiration or a refresher. The toolkit is great. The phrase "don't coach paradigms, coach people" is a very effective reminder to listen to our clients."

- Dave Perkins

"What a fantastic company to learn every area in the fitness industry. I would recommend them to anybody."

- Joanne Hartley

"Loved the printed material. I feel I have many more tools to make me more confident to try different strategies with clients and myself. Thank you for inspiring me!"

- Sandra Bayliss

"What a fantastic course! The information given is first class and the toolkit is brilliant. Darren Faulkner is one of the best trainers and lecturers around. The whole course is wonderful and just what a personal trainer needs to coach nutrition and, in fact, life!"

- Kevin Hind

"Good workshops, clear, concise and informative with great teaching points."

- Susan Law

"Jim is fantastic. Clearly knows his stuff. Learned so much as well developing my understanding and skills. Really impressed!"

- Geoff Wright

"Insightful video demonstrations and explanations."

- Jason Taylor

"The delivery of the course was excellent and Darren was inspiring in his knowledge of the subject. I'm now more confident to give nutritional guidance."

- Barbara Christie

"I really valued the additional variations of core exercises and refresher on the theory of the core (e.g sling units and movements)."

- James Berman

"I appreciated returning to basics then step progression exercises. The attention to detail is excellent, as is the explanation of exercise movements and corrective postural issues to review."

- Anthony Ogeer-Ali

"This course has reinforced my knowledge and understanding of the topic but it has also given me more depth and a greater understanding too."

- Charlotte Welton

"Throughly enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone who wants to add another string to their bow. I learned lots that I can apply to my own sport and to a range of others."

- Andrew Richardson

"Very clear and informative teaching points that have helped me understand a range of pointers to use when teaching kettlebells as well as using them myself. All movement patterns are explained in detail including the do's and don'ts. It was really useful to see how the form shouldn't look, so I could compare to how it should look."

- Tammy Scott

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