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Generating Leads

A Proven 4-Step System For Getting Leads - The Lifeblood Of Any Successful Business.
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Leads Are The Lifeblood Of Your PT Business

    Without leads you can’t get new clients. Without new clients, you don’t make more money. Without more money, you’re forced to quit what you love and get a ‘real job’ (a boring 9-5).

    Generating new leads is the single most important aspect of your business.

    You could be the worst trainer in the world, making people fatter and unhealthier, but if you know how to generate leads, you’ll survive in this industry.

    On the other hand, you could be the best trainer in the world. You could literally be THE world leader in the health industry but if you don’t have a method for generating leads, your skills are useless and you won’t survive.

How Do You Get Leads?

    The classic method in gyms is to walk up to strangers currently working out, interrupt them, tell them they’re doing it wrong and then ask them to give you money.

    In the same way you don’t buy a new conservatory from a cold call, this is a terrible way to try increase your income.

    There’s nothing worse than trying to sell to someone who didn’t come to you.

    You don’t want to do it, the person you’re talking to doesn’t want you to do it and the success rate is barely worth measuring.

    If you’re doing this right now to get new clients, it tells me three things…

    Number 1 - You’re not full and you need new clients

    Number 2 - You don’t have enough people coming to you about your services

    Number 3 - You don’t know a better way of getting clients

"The key to success in business is having systems that work without you.
When you don’t automate your leads with a system, you put yourself in a never ending cycle."

Build Your Lead Generation System

    Inside this course is the system that generates leads while you sleep.

    You build it once, turn it on and never touch it again.

    Section 1 - Feeder Campaigns

    Here you’ll see methods for getting people interested, giving them results in advance and breaking through the most common barriers people have when purchasing your services.

    This one campaign alone was responsible for £45,000 of NEW PT income in our business last year (and we only ran it twice).

    Section 2 - How To Market Yourself

    You can market yourself in a number of different ways - the corrective specialist, the weight loss guru, the sports performance coach etc..

    In this section we show you the number one way to set yourself apart from the crowd.

    Section 3 - Referral Marketing

    The easiest leads to sign up are the people your clients send to you. They don’t need any convincing because they trust their friends judgment.

    In section three, we’re giving you the most effective system for getting referrals from your current clients and how to set it up (even if you’ve got no current clients).

    Section 4 - Social Media & Your Website

    Every trainer needs a place people can connect with you. That can be your social media platforms or your website (or both, ideally).

    This final section talks you through how to set up your platforms to attract leads automatically.

    Bonus Section - Client Retention

    The ultimate purpose of generating leads is to help you improve people’s lives and to make money doing it.

    The most overlooked aspect contributing to this is client retention.

    If you can increase your average client retention, you get more time to create bigger, life-changing results and you also earn more money.

    A simple increase from 6 months to 9 months, in your average client lifetime, results in a 50% increase in their results AND your income. If you earned £10,000 from PT last year, that’s £15,000 this year. If you earned £30,000 from PT, that’s £45,000 this year.

    All without gaining a single extra client.

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Time To Make It Work!

    The skill of getting new leads and clients isn’t ever taught in depth when you first qualify as a trainer. So if you don't know how to do this right now, it isn't your fault.

    HOWEVER, it is down to you to learn it and it apply it right now.

    To have a long, successful career in the fitness industry and not a quick try-and-fail at something you’re passionate about, the skills you’ll learn in this course are essential.

    The alternative is to carry on as you are now… hopelessly trying to cold sell, using your time to get new clients instead of using your time to train clients and do what you love.

    That’s if you have enough clients in the first place…

    Most trainers aren’t full.

    Most trainers don’t earn enough money.

    Most trainers won’t even be trainers in 12 months time.

    All because they lack these key skills…

You Will Learn...

  • How to set up “feeder” campaigns to ensure a steady stream of new clients
  • How to use your clients results to attract new clients into your business
  • How to get the most from your current clients by setting up an effective referral system
  • How to get new, paying clients, by giving results in advance
  • Why client retention should be the backbone of growing your business
  • Which marketing techniques work
  • Which marketing techniques you should avoid

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  • Unlimited access to this course

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How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.

What if I am unhappy with the course?

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.