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Length/ Tension Testing

How to quantitatively measure muscle tightness for an even better client programme
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How do you know if a muscle needs Stretching?

    Every client programme looks different when it comes to the exercise part (or at least it should).

    Different clients have differed starting points, different goals, different training ages, different everything. Therefore, their programmes reflect these differences.

    The difference comes from the quantifiable variables- goals, training age, starting point.

    When it comes to stretching, however, the act of quantifying which muscles are not tight, which muscles are tight and how tight they are, is almost non-existent.

    This leads to guess work and a lot of generalisation when putting the stretching part of your programmes together.

    Some trainers may just put all clients through a generic stretching routine before each training session.

Learn 13 Length/ Tension Tests

    Knowing how to test the length/tension of the main muscles groups is essential for your results, your business and your clients health.

    Stretching a muscle that isn’t tight can lead to injury.

    Not stretching a tight muscle can lead to injury.

    It’s important that during your initial client assessment you find out which muscles are tight and which muscles are not.

    It’s important you monitor any changes in length/tension at regular intervals to find out how successful your stretching programme has been up to that point and to then make informed decisions on any changes.

    A programme that stretches a clients tight muscles is a better programme than one that stretches all muscles regardless of their tightness.


More Efficient = More Effective

    This is the workshop that will give you the tools to write an even better programme for your clients.

    You’ll learn how to perform thirteen different length/tension assessments which will give you huge insight into your clients current state and where you need to take them.

    The progress this leads to for your clients (and your business) is incredible.

    The efficiency of your programme increases dramatically… If your stretching routine takes ten minutes and five minutes of it is spent stretching muscles which don’t need stretching, you’ve just gained over an HOUR of extra session time over the course of a month (with a client training 3x/week).

    Use that extra time to add in an extra exercise, do an extra set, talk about changes being made outside the gym…

    Small changes that add up to huge results in the long run, all from being more effective with your stretching, all from learning the length/tension assessments inside this workshop.

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Inside, You Will Learn...

    You’re going to learn;

  • Why these measurements are vital to your results as a trainer
  • How to test the Pecs (major and minor)
  • How to test the Lats
  • How to test the Core
  • Nine different length/tension tests for the lower body
  • How to quantify your measurements to monitor improvements
  • How to integrate the tests into your client assessment
  • How often you should be re-testing your clients
  • What to do with your results
  • The most effective way to deal with imbalances between the left and right
  • How to do it all on a budget (if necessary)

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