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Perfecting The Pistol Squat

How To Take Your Clients From Zero To Pistol Squat In Three Months
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A Different Kind Of Progress

    Progress is what everyone wants. It’s what you want. It’s what your clients want.

    In the gym, progress usually looks like deadlifting a bit more weight than last time or losing a bit more body fat.

    A pistol squat is progress of a different kind. The question isn't 'how much can you do?', it's ‘can you do it?’

    For a deadlift, the way you make progress is to do deadlifts. Lift heavier this week than you did last week and eventually you’ll hit your target (simply speaking).

    But what do you do when you can’t do a pistol squat?


The Skill Graph

    If we look at where a Pistol squat falls on the Skill Graph above, we can see that in comparison to a deadlift, there’s waaayy more prerequisites for a Pistol Squat.

    You need a lot of strength. You need a lot of flexibility. You need high level co-ordination. You need very good balance.

    When there are so many high level skills required, it’s hard to know which you’re lacking in.

    If you can’t pistol squat, all you know for certain is your lacking in at least one of these areas.

    The skill for you as a trainer is knowing what your client is lacking that’s preventing them from doing the perfect Pistol Squat.

    Once you know that, you need a system for getting that skill up to scratch.

Perfecting The Pistol Squat

    Perfecting The Pistol Squat is that system you need…

    You’ll learn how to identify those lacking skills in your clients through observation.

    You’ll learn the most efficient exercises and programming for getting those lacking skills up to scratch.

    You’ll even see how you can go beyond the Pistol Squat and really challenge yourself and your most advanced clients.


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What Do I Get?

    Inside Perfecting The Pistol Squat, you get:

  • What’s required to warm up for a Pistol Squat
  • How to regress the Pistol Squat for every type of client (lacking strength, lacking balance etc.)
  • The best exercises to assist Pistol Squat progress
  • How to go beyond the Pistol Squat with your most advanced clients
  • The most appropriate variables for writing your own programmes
  • A ready made 3-month Perfect Pistol Squat programme

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