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Power Training For The Everyday Client

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Should Every Client Train For Power?

    The short answer is yes, and the long answer starts with… it depends.

    If you have an elderly client who’s had a hip replacement and their goal is to maintain their health and mobility, building up to a 90cm box jump isn’t necessary.

    Similarly, if you have a middle-aged office worker client who enjoys playing golf, you aren’t going to 1 rep max a Power Snatch at any point during their programme.

    The answer isn’t a question of IF the client should be training for power, it’s HOW and WHEN should they train for power.

Isn’t Power Training Only For Athletes?

    Power isn’t just about how fast you are down the track or how quickly you can change direction on the field.

    When you slip and lose your balance in everyday life, it’s power that corrects your feet to get your centre of mass back over your base, and it’s power that puts your hands out to catch yourself if you do fall over.

    How quickly you can do either of those things when you slip is the difference between getting up and carrying on with your day and breaking bones.

    Now power isn’t just required for when you lose your balance, it’s an everyday essential. Starting a lawnmower, pushing your child on a swing, running up the stairs, all require power to some degree.

    That is why power must be a part of all your clients programmes.


What You Should Do...

    Inside this workshop, you’ll see exactly what you should do with the everyday client.

    You’ll see how to train the elderly client to prevent falling, you’ll see how to choose the appropriate exercises, how to programme it safely and when is best to use power exercises.

    This applies across all types of everyday clients. The office worker, the casual sportsperson, the elderly, the stay at home parent, etc.

    Sign up to the workshop and start helping your clients achieve even better results by becoming more powerful in a safe way.

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You Will Learn...

    On this workshop you’re going to learn-

  • Why power is an essential part of every clients programming
  • The common mistakes when programming for power
  • Fifteen different power exercises for different ability levels, goals, training experience and variety
  • How to implement power in your programming for maximum results
  • When to implement power in your programming to avoid injury
  • The logic behind three example programmes for three very different clients with very different goals

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