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The fitness industry is constantly changing so to keep up, you have to commit to your own continued self-development. If you're not taking the opportunity to learn something new every day - someone else is - and that person will stand out head and shoulders above you in the crowd.

Pick-and-mix courses on specific topics will only get you so far in your career. Taking a holistic approach to your personal development is by far the best way to become a versatile, adaptable and successful PT.

Subscribe to Primal Academy's online membership and you will get access to a constant stream of varied, up-to-date content covering everything from training modalities to sales and marketing, from relationship-building to the science of nutrition. You will also become part of an international fit-pro network offering invaluable support as you begin to grow your business.

Every course is included in your subscription (worth £280)

Core Stability
Stabilise your client's core and you will improve their performance, movement and posture, preventing pain and injury.
Jim Waterhouse
Generating Leads
A Proven 4-Step System For Getting Leads - The Lifeblood Of Any Successful Business.
Darren Faulkner
Foundations Of Calisthenics
How To Take Average Joe From A Boring Side Plank To A Perfect Human Flag
Jim Waterhouse
Selling PT
DOUBLE your PT income without spending a penny on marketing!
Darren Faulkner
Kettlebell Essentials
Versatile and effective - Kettlebells can be used to achieve any outcome in any environment with clients of all abilities.
Jim Waterhouse
Resistance Bands Basics
Adaptability is key! This highly versatile piece of kit will enable you to adapt your programmes for all clients and situations.
Jim Waterhouse
Coaching Nutrition
Get incredible results with your clients time after time by learning to simplify the confusing world of nutrition!
Darren Faulkner
Three Month Programmes
Ready to go, proven programmes you can use with your clients today
Darren Faulkner

Resources Included

  • A host of video workshops covering practical, business and coaching topics.
  • Brand new workshops added regularly.
  • A bank of templates - from admin resources to training programmes.
  • A library of exercise tutorials to brush up on your technical skills.
  • Preferential rates and exclusive discounts with our trusted partners, including web design, insurance, clothing, equipment and advanced training.
  • Access to our online support community where you can connect with other fit-pros, ask questions, get motivated and build your network.

Asked Questions

Can I try out the subscription service to see if I like it?

Absolutely. Several of the videos in each of the workshops are accessible without signing up, allowing you to get a feel for what we do before committing to a subscription. Just click on a workshop of your choice and head to the curriculum section. You'll see a blue "Preview" button next to all the videos you can watch for free.

What if I change my mind after signing up?

At Primal Academy we believe that if you make an investment, you should always see a return. That’s why we offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on our online subscription service. If you sign up and don’t find the workshops beneficial, you’re free to cancel your membership within the first 30 days and we’ll return your month one fee with no quibbles.

What additional resources will I get access to?

As part of your membership you will get access to a heap of invaluable resources, including an extensive video library of exercises, downloadable programmes, sales scripts, preferential rates with our trusted partners and access to the Primal Academy Members Facebook group, where you can chat to our tutors, get support and network with your fellow members.

A complete & continuous
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  • Complete access to tools and resource downloads
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I've done several courses with Primal Academy and they are always well delivered, with interesting content that's easily applied to my PT role. Really helped me to give a more full and developed offering to my clients.
Jenny Cantrell
These guys are amazing - some of the best and most intelligent fitness professionals around. I've learnt so much from them and constantly refer back to the information.
Matt Donnelly
What a fantastic company to learn every area in the fitness industry. I would recommend them to anybody.
Joanne Hartley