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Principles Of Powerlifting

Learn the three training phases to programme for powerlifting and take your client to their first Powerlifting competition
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The Natural Strength Training Progression

    Powerlifting is a sport that many gym goers naturally turn to after spending time in the gym and seeing improvements in their strength.

    Eventually, they decide to challenge themselves either to see how strong they are in comparison to the pros or simply to help motivate them towards their goals.

    You, as a trainer, may have progressed into powerlifting this same way, or maybe you’re thinking about taking the plunge right now.

    One mistake most trainers make when preparing for a powerlifting competition is they assume the programming looks just like a strength programme-

  • 1-5 reps
  • 4-8 sets
  • 3+ minutes of rest
  • This is wrong.

The Three Phase Formula

    If you followed the traditional strength programme, you almost certainly wouldn’t see amazing progress in any of your lifts. In fact, it’s very possible you wouldn’t lift anywhere near your PB’s (personal bests) on competition day.

    Simply following a strength programme then taking a few days off before competition day doesn’t work and will never work if your aim is to actually improve your numbers.

    Instead, the correct way to approach a powerlifting competition is to go through these three phases;

  • Volume
  • Strength
  • Peaking
  • Following these enables your lifter to be at their best when it matters the most.

    However, the programming alone is not enough to guarantee a successful programme. The ability to listen to your lifter, adapt their programme and coach them through competition day are the three other ingredients for a successful Powerlifting competition.


Principles Of Powerlifting

    Inside this course, Head Coach Steve Cuthbert is going to show you how to write powerlifting programmes for your clients as well as the various coaching points for taking your client through each phase.

    You’ll learn how to spot the right time to progress from the Volume phase to the Strength phase and when to progress from the Strength phase to the Peaking phase.

    Coach Steve will also give you tips for competition day. It’s no good having the best preparation leading up to competition day only to have your lifter fail because of something that could have been prevented.

    You’ll be given the cheat sheet to the optimal competition day and how best to prepare your client as well as knowing what your role is and isn’t on the big day.

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What Do I Get?

    Inside the course you will learn;

  • What the three different phases of a Powerlifting programme are
  • What to look out for from your lifter in each phase
  • How to communicate with your lifter
  • What each phase should consist of
  • The competition standards for each lift
  • How to manage a beginner lifter in their first competition
  • What an example of a Powerlifting programme looks like

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  • Unlimited access to this course