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How to train elite level athletes and open yourself up to an untapped market of clients
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When Your Clients Hit The Ceiling...

    The whole purpose of training is to make progress… to improve health, to improve strength, to improve well-being, to improve performance.

    If you do your job well and your client gains consistent progress over the months and years working with you, there comes a time when you hit a ceiling. You get to a point where your client can’t make any more progress.

    That might be a few years down the line but if you’re seeing constant improvement, there’s inevitably going to be a point where you can’t go any further.

    Now there could be many reasons for that… they reached their goal, they found their sweet spot between health and indulging, they only train once a week, etc.

    The number one thing you can’t let happen is your lack of knowledge and skill being the limit to taking that client to the next level.

    You must be good enough in your field to take your client to the level they want to get to, otherwise, you’re doing them a disservice when you take them on as a client.

The Pinnacle Of Performance

    The pinnacle of performance is the elite level athlete.

    Not every one can get there and not everyone wants to get there but you must know what you’re doing and have a system for training a more elite client.

    If you specialise in rehab or corrective work, you need to know how to train athletes to be able to rehab athletes. It’s no good getting them out of pain if they aren’t prepared for the work they’ll be doing in training once you’ve finished working with them.

    If you train an office worker who’s also a semi-pro rugby player, you need to know the most effective methods for making them faster and stronger.

    If your dream is to work with a professional sports team, you need to understand how to keep players you’ll work with in the future injury free whilst helping them progress physically.


Open Yourself Up To A New Market

    There are very few PT’s who are capable of working with athletes and the biggest reason for that is the false assumption that it’s a small market.

    If we take football as an example and limit it to only Conference League level and above, an extremely low estimate of players (potential clients) is 20,000.

    20,000 potential clients spread across the entire country in just one sport.

    At Primal, we’ve trained Lacrosse players, County Cricket players, Rugby players, Football players, Ice Hockey players, Hockey players, Ultimate Frisbee players, Sprinters, Rowers, Cyclists, Netball players, Muay Thai fighters and Boxers.

    As you can see, this untapped market is not small by any stretch of the imagination.

    What that means is there is a huge opportunity for you to open up that market once you’ve got the skills to provide a service for them.

    A service based on proven methods and the latest science has to offer when it comes to athletic performance and programme design.

A 12-Week Athlete Programme

    Athlete Based Programming teaches you how to write your very own 12-week programme for the elite level athlete.

    You'll Learn-

  • How to test athletes starting bio-motor abilities to measure improvement
  • The most effective warm up for athletes
  • How to prepare your client for an upcoming season
  • How to improve core stability and strength
  • How to periodise a training programme for peak performance when it matters
  • How training variables change based on what stage of the season your athlete is in
  • The best exercise progressions for speed, vertical power and horizontal power
  • How to structure your exercise sequencing specifically for athletes
  • How to correctly de-load your athlete for the best results possible

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Athelete Based Programming Doesn't Give You A Fish, It Teaches You How...

    Training athletes can be daunting… If Usain Bolt came to you and asked you to help make him faster, not many trainers would have the confidence to take that on.

    When you have a philosophy and a system to follow, that daunting feeling goes away.

    What this course doesn’t do is just give you a ready-made 12 week programme.

    The principles you’ll learn can be applied across any discipline, any sport, at any stage of the season.

    You learn the PROCESS of writing athlete programmes and the ability to apply those principles and your new philosophy to whatever sport your athlete performs in.

    That is what gives you the confidence to say yes to Usain Bolt and know you can deliver the results he wants.

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Meet your tutor

Mat Cook
Mat Cook

Mat Cook has played rugby since he was 7 years all old and represented Yorkshire at rugby union and played for Wakefield Wildcats academy and Hull FC reserves in Rugby League.

Mat studied sports science at Leeds Beckett university and worked at Wakefield wildcats as a strength and conditioning coach at scholarship, academy and first team level.

Mat has gone on to work with various athletes from different sports all the way from amateur to international level at Primal as well as working with various general population clients with varying athletic goals.

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