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Social Media Marketing: Instagram

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Forget Insta-Famous. Be Insta-Successful!

    We’ve all heard of Instagram Influencers: people who’ve built up so many followers and so much credibility, they can persuade others to part with wads of hard-earned cash, with a simple recommendation. The likes of Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have made hundreds of millions being paid by companies to promote their products.

    In the world of health and fitness, influencers such as Kayla Itsines, Joe Wicks and Emily Skye have also made a fortune selling their workout plans and recipe books.

    But striving for Instagram fame is a relentless and often fruitless task and more often than not, the off-camera reality of these influencer’s lives is less than glamorous.

    The good news is, you don’t have to be “Insta-famous” to make money through Instagram. “Normal” PTs and Coaches like you can use social media to build a reputation, gain trust with your audience and generate paying clients.

    What prevents most fitness professionals from doing this is a lack of strategy, knowledge and time.


Don’t Get Lost In The Crowd

    Search for “personal trainer” on Instagram and you’ll soon find yourself swimming in a sea of bouncing booties and rippling abs. It’s all gym mirror selfies, body building competitions and swimwear shoots.

    These kind of posts may get hundreds of likes and attract thousands of followers from around the world, but they rarely turn into paying customers.

    To make money on Instagram, you need to separate yourself from the narcissist crowd, and focus instead on:

  • How to create your social media strategy to avoid wasting time, effort and money
  • Nurturing a relationship with those followers to build trust. To build trust, you have to generate value content - that’s content of real value to your target audience. How much value is a potential client going to get from looking at a picture of your bum? Compare that with the value they’ll get from an exciting, healthy recipe idea they want to cook for their family or a workout, tailored to their goals, that they can fit into their busy schedule.
  • Giving them an offer they can’t refuse, to turn a percentage of your audience into paying customers. To know what offers are going to be tempting to your audience, you have to know your audience!

Create An Instagram Page That Sells!

    Inside the 'Social Media Marketing: Instagram' course you’re going to learn how to design a social media STRATEGY so you can stop wasting time, effort and money.

    You’ll learn WHAT to post, WHEN to post it, WHO to target and HOW to get their attention.

    You're going to learn how to create a professional, slick Instagram page that SELLS.

    You’ll learn how to build a TARGETED audience.

    And finally, you'll learn how to MONETISE that audience by creating an offer they can't resist.

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Here’s Everything You’ll Learn On The Course

  • How to create your social media strategy to avoid wasting time, effort and money
  • How to figure out your “why” and develop it into your unique pitch for social media
  • How to define your target market
  • How to define realistic goals for social media
  • How to create an enticing offer that will attract targeted leads
  • How to create a professional Instagram business profile from scratch
  • How to avoid the common mistakes made by so many other personal trainers on Instagram
  • How to create a slick purchase / booking process, directly from your Instagram page
  • Where to find a targeted audience who are likely to be interested in your services
  • How to gain hundreds of new targeted followers every month
  • How to piggy back on your competitors, without them even knowing!
  • How to create engaging, likeable content that will build trust with your audience
  • The best times of day to post your content to make sure your audience sees it
  • How to use hashtags strategically to increase your reach
  • Clever tips for increasing audience engagement
  • How to create the right balance between free value content and advertisements
  • How to convert a percentage of your followers into paying customers
  • Which tools to use to make your social media management more manageable
  • How to create Instagram Stories that sell
  • How to use Analytics to streamline your social media process

Start this course now

  • Start immediately
  • Unlimited access to this course