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“Move Fast. Speed is one of your main advantages over EVERY competitor”

    In any sporting environment, being faster is always an advantage.

    If the fastest person on a rugby field breaks the defensive line, they are going to put their team in a better position (by either scoring or taking their team closer to the try line) than the slowest person on the field would.

    In Tennis, if you can get from one side of the court to the other and from the back of the court to the front, quicker than your opponent, you’re in a much better position to win the game.

    In cricket, the faster you are the more runs you can score when batting and the less runs you can give away to the other team when fielding.

    Often, being faster can trump skill. If a faster footballer kicks the ball past the defenders and then beats them to the ball, it doesn’t matter how good those defenders are at tackling, the faster player will still be one on one with the goalie.

Faster = Fitter?

    The faster you are, the more efficient you are at every speed less than your top speed.

    If you take two athletes, Athlete A has a top speed of 10 metres per second (m/s) and Athlete B has a top speed of 7m/s, when both of these athletes are required to run 5m/s in their sport, Athlete A is going to use much less energy and be much less tired than Athlete B.

    This means that the faster you are, the better your endurance is.

    Having more endurance as well as being faster than your opponent gives you such an advantage in every sport it’s almost unfair.


Inside Speed For Sport

    Speed is split into two categories; Acceleration and Top Speed.

  • In unit one you’ll learn the basic principles of acceleration and the correct positions to be in during the acceleration phase of a sprint.
  • In unit two you’ll learn the principles of top speed and the perfect upright shape your body should be in when you hit your top speed.
  • Unit three will show you a progression of drills to use in your training programmes to build acceleration.
  • Unit four will show you the same thing for top speed; various drills and progressions to increase your top speed.
  • Unit five is where you’ll learn how to bring it all together into your own programme. You’ll get an example, three-phase programme plus tips on how to implement your new speed programme into your current training regime.

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