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Warm Up Awareness

No client comes in in perfect condition every session. The Warm Up Awareness system uses that fact to help you get the fastest results possible
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How Fast Can You Deliver Results?

    When you’re in the PT industry, the question isn’t whether you can get results for your clients, the question is how quickly you can deliver those results.

    The single most important factor in your success as a PT is the results you deliver to each of your clients.

    If every person you sign up achieves exactly what they want in a very short time period, people in the gym notice and want to train with you, you get referrals from current clients and your PT business can grow extremely quickly.

    Therefore, one of the most effective ways you can spend your time outside of client sessions is to find ways you can improve your service so you can deliver super fast results.

    The Warm Up Awareness system inside this workshop plays a huge part in speeding up the results you get in each individual session which, in turn, speeds up your clients overall results.

Client A Or Client B?

    Let’s say you have two clients booked in one morning. Client A comes in bouncing of the walls, full of energy, they slept well, their food diary is perfect and they’re ready to train. Client B drags themselves through the door, they’re hungover, they’ve eaten rubbish food and they have the enthusiasm of a sloth.

    Do you take both of these clients through their usual programme? The answer SHOULD be no.

    Your aim is to help both these clients achieve their goals as quickly as possible. Working through a heavy 5 sets of 5 Back Squats with Client A would be perfect, however, Client B is probably going to throw up half way through.

    Client B then leaves your session in a worse condition than when they came to you. Just because it’s in their programme, doesn’t mean you have to do it.

    You and Client B would get much more benefit spending half of the session foam rolling, stretching and doing a few bodyweight movements then the other half of the session going through nutritional and sleep strategies, then discussing how to implement them.

    Client A and Client B are the extremes on a few different spectrums. So what about Client C who came in after an average night sleep, they’re a bit sore from the previous days session and their food diary looks pretty good. Are you going to go all out for their 5 sets of 5 Back Squats or are you going to sit them down and talk about implementing nutritional strategies?

    Neither! Client C needs something in-between.


The Warm Up Awareness System

    The Warm Up Awareness system gives you a simple formula for assessing where your client is right now and where they need to be at the end of their session.

    You get immediate feedback from your client at the start of each session which gives you the information you need to tailor their session to get the very most out of it.

    No client comes in for their session in perfect condition every time. It’s unrealistic to expect that. The Warm Up Awareness system acknowledges that fact and uses it to make you a better trainer that gets results in the fastest, most sustainable way.

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You Will Learn...

    On this workshop you’re going to learn-

  • How to quickly identify your clients current state
  • How to adapt your session to their current situation to get the most out of the session
  • The big four factors that affect your clients session capabilities
  • Why nutrition is less of a priority when considered in a single session
  • When to regress and progress your clients in real time
  • Simple strategies to improve your clients habits outside of the gym
  • How to develop your skills to improve the effectiveness of the Warm Up Awareness system
  • How to use the system to get your clients results faster

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